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24/7 Emergency Service

There's never a good time for a breakdown or accident, so our service professional are standing by around the clock to provide you on demand roadside assistance.

Altoona Pennsylvania Drivers Call Now For 24 Hour Onsite Service

The Best Equipment

Our fleet of standard and flatbed towing vehicles is fully equipped with a range of roadside assistance and repair utilities such as jump start equipment and vehicle lockout tools.

Altoona Pennsylvania We Can Tow Your Vehicle For Service
Altoona Pennsylvania Signature Services

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you turn to us for your automotive assistance needs, we'll always show up on-site with the solutions you need and our job is never done until you are satisfied.

Altoona Pennsylvania Roadside Assistance The Moment You Need It, Anywhere

Professional Crew

Our friendly, helpful staff has decades of combined experience servicing practically all makes, models and types of vehicle, and is ready to put their expertise to work for you.

Towing Services - Altoona Services
Altoona Pennsylvania Drivers Our Network Of Service Centers Is Convenient To The Entire Region

Emergency Towing

Our vehicle transport services are available anywhere in the area 24/7 so you can get back on the road sooner with professional repairs.

Altoona Pennsylvania Need A Jump Start We Can Help

Accident Recovery

Let us get your vehicle off the road and into one of our service centers after an accident to give you peace of mind while you recover from what can be a traumatic event.

Altoona Pennsylvania Standard And Flatbed Towing Services

Jump Starts

In extreme conditions and inclement weather, batteries can sometimes be drained of their charge. We can arrive onsite with the tools to get your vehicle and commute started right.

Altoona Pennsylvania Vehicle Transport

Flatbed Service

Not all vehicles can be towed with a standard tow assembly. We also have a fleet of flatbed trucks to enable us to service large trucks as well as exotic cars and specialty vehicles.

Elite Equipment and Expertise for Drivers in the Area.
Altoona Pennsylvania Drivers We Are The Local Leaders In Towing And Repair

Lockout Services

If your vehicle is inaccessible because of a broken, jammed or vandalized lock, we can help. Our repair and response vehicles are equipped with a full complement of lockout tools.

Altoona Pennsylvania Residents Forgot To Replace That Spare Tire We Can Help

Malfunctioning Starter/Jammed Ignition

If your car refuses to start again after a period of inactivity, a malfunctioning starter or jammed ignition may be the issue. We can repair or replace these components as well as creating new keys on the scene.

Altoona Pennsylvania Roadside Assistance For Drivers, 365 Days A Year

Check Engine Light

A check engine light can indicate any number of issues in a vehicle, and when your car breaks down as a result you need answers fast. Let us inspect your vehicle onsite and repair any common breakdowns.

Altoona Pennsylvania Rapid Roadside Repairs Throughout Your Area

Erratic Operation

If your car is driving or handling in an irregular fashion, it can become dangerous to both you and other motorists. We can evaluate your vehicle and restore its smooth ride with onsite repairs.

Altoona Pennsylvania Reliable Roadside Repairs

Accident Repair

If your vehicle has been in a serious accident, the first step to getting it back on the road is taking it to one of our service centers, and our tow fleet can transport your vehicle quickly and safely.

Altoona Pennsylvania Drivers We Service Exotic And Specialty Vehicles Onsite

Flood Recovery

If the internal components of your vehicle have been damaged by a major flood, we may be able to salvage it. These recovery operations are time sensitive, so call us as soon as you discover flood damage.

Our Altoona Drivers

Altoona Pennsylvania Call On Us When Your Day Depends On It


Head Driver

Fred has been leading here for 14 years, and under his guidance the company has nurtured solid relationships with car repair stations and body shops in Altoona.

Altoona Pennsylvania Trapped In A Flood On The Roads Call Us For On Demand Tow Services



Wayne is an integral part of our customer service team, and personally developed the guidelines of service that have given us a reputation as one of Altoona's premier providers.

Altoona Pennsylvania From Jump Starts To Repairs, We Do It All For Drivers


Dispatch - Coordinator

Billy manages the day-to-day operations here, and oversees our 24/7 repair and response team, ensuring a consistent quality of service every minute of the year.

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Information for Altoona, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, Blair county, central Pennsylvania, U.S. It is situated on the eastern slopes of the Allegheny Front, a segment of the Allegheny Mountains that separates the Atlantic from the Mississippi valley watersheds. The city lies 45 miles (72 km) by road northeast of Johnstown. It was founded in 1849 by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company as a base for building railroads over the Alleghenies. Its name probably derives from the Cherokee wordallatoona('high lands of great worth').Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum, Altoona, Pennsylvania. Bill Herrington The site, long a communications focus, had been settled since the 1760s, and Fort Roberdeau (1778) was established in the vicinity to protect the local lead deposits used by the patriot army during the American Revolution. In 1787 the Frankstown Path (a trail connecting the Susquehanna and Ohio river systems) was surveyed through the area; a road was built that shortly after 1800 was extended to Pittsburgh (80 miles [130 km] west). During the canal-building boom of the 1830s, the Portage Railroad, using railroad cars to haul barges up a series of inclined planes and down the western slopes, was developed to span the 36-mile (58-km) divide between the nearby Juniata and Conemaugh rivers.Altoona's economy is based on diversified industries and railroad shops. Nearby are the 2, 375-foot (724-metre) Horseshoe (railroad) Curve (with a central curve of 220), the Prince Gallitzin State Park, Wopsononock Mountain (2, 580 feet [786 metres]), and Forest Zoo. The Altoona campus of Pennsylvania State University (Penn State Altoona) was founded in 1939. Inc. borough, 1854; city, 1868. Pop. (2000) 49, 523; Altoona Metro Area, 129, 144; (2010) 46, 320; Altoona Metro Area, 127, 089.

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Altoona - The Roadside Repair Standard. Articles

What does Towing Coverage Typically Cover?
There are three main areas that a towing coverage policy will typically either completely cover the costs or will reimburse you for a certain amount up to a limit.

The first is the cost of the actual towing service. Nearly all towing companies charge some form of flat rate to drive the truck out and perform whatever service it is that you need, whether it's towing or removing your car from the ditch that it's now stuck in.

Next, as you probably know if you've ever had to use one, towing companies charge for each mile that the driver has to drive the truck to reach you and to return your car to your house or to your chosen repair facility. These per-mile fees can end up being the majority of the bill, especially if your car decides to call it quits somewhere in the middle of the forest while you're driving up the interstate to see family during a holiday.

Finally, there are other items like battery boosting and fixing flat tires that are usually covered as 'roadside assistance'. Most good towing policies will include at least some of these, and we'll discuss them further below.

How does Towing Coverage Save me Money?
Purchasing a towing coverage policy can save you money in a couple of areas. The first is that you won't have to pay for repeated instances of towing throughout the year, as nearly all decent towing coverage options will include at least three or more tows in a year. For most drivers, even needing a single tow truck call in a year seems like a stretch, since your car is generally operating just fine. As with all forms of insurance, towing coverage is for those 'just in case' scenarios where things go wrong repeatedly, and it's nice to know that you're taken care of.

You'll also save by not having to pay for circumstances when you don't actually need your car to be towed, but you still need some roadside assistance. Situations like this include dead car batteries, or when you've managed to lock your keys in the car and you need the tower to help you get in. Generally most towing coverage packages will include all of this, so you can rest assured that you will not be left hanging when your battery decides to call it quits.

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Broken Down On The Streets Call Us Today Keeping Drivers on the Road.


Drivers Call Now For 24 Hour Onsite Service Don't let a vehicle lockout spoil your plans? We can meet you anywhere!


We Can Tow Your Vehicle For Service Experienced automotive repair professionals.


Signature Services Maximum convenience with 24 Hour Repairs and Towing.


Roadside Assistance The Moment You Need It, Anywhere Elite Equipment and Expertise for Drivers in the Area.


Drivers Our Network Of Service Centers Is Convenient To The Entire Region We are the highest rated service.


Need A Jump Start We Can Help Comprehensive Repair and Towing Services.


Standard And Flatbed Towing Services Affordable Onsite Tow and Repair Services.


Vehicle Transport Trapped in a flood on the roads? Call us for on demand tow services.


Drivers We Are The Local Leaders In Towing And Repair Signature Services.


Residents Forgot To Replace That Spare Tire We Can Help Residents: We can repair or replace a jammed ignition while you wait!


Roadside Assistance For Drivers, 365 Days A Year Reach Your Destination with Onsite Repairs.


Rapid Roadside Repairs Throughout Your Area Drivers: We always arrive armed to assist.


Reliable Roadside Repairs Serving Drivers In Your Area.


Drivers We Service Exotic And Specialty Vehicles Onsite Don't end up stranded after a breakdown on the roads!


Call On Us When Your Day Depends On It We pride ourselves on our service to Drivers.


Trapped In A Flood On The Roads Call Us For On Demand Tow Services Drivers: We are the local leaders in towing and repair.


From Jump Starts To Repairs, We Do It All For Drivers Onsite Lock Replacement.


Drivers Your Vehicle Is In Good Hands With Us Need vehicle repairs?


Expert Repairs Onsite Drivers: We can tow your vehicle after a collision.


Serving Drivers With The Latest Equipment The Expert Tow and Repair Services Drivers rely on.


The Roadside Resource Unbeatable Prices on Towing and Repair for Drivers.


Affordable Towing Services For Drivers Standing By for Drivers.


Drivers Let Us Give You A Ride To One Of Our Service Centers Broken down in an unfamiliar neighborhood? We can help.


Mobile Automotive Service Workshops Residents: Need Roadside Assistance Right Away?


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