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Lebanon Pennsylvania Automotive Answers When Drivers Need Them Most

24/7 Emergency Service

There's never a good time for a breakdown or accident, so our service professional are standing by around the clock to provide you on demand roadside assistance.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Drivers Call Now For 24 Hour Onsite Service

The Best Equipment

Our fleet of standard and flatbed towing vehicles is fully equipped with a range of roadside assistance and repair utilities such as jump start equipment and vehicle lockout tools.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Friendly Roadside Assistance
Lebanon Pennsylvania Professional Towing

Satisfaction Guarantee

When you turn to us for your automotive assistance needs, we'll always show up on-site with the solutions you need and our job is never done until you are satisfied.

Lebanon Pennsylvania We Can Make Minor Repairs Onsite

Professional Crew

Our friendly, helpful staff has decades of combined experience servicing practically all makes, models and types of vehicle, and is ready to put their expertise to work for you.

Towing - Lebanon Services
Lebanon Pennsylvania A High Standard Of Service For Drivers

Emergency Towing

Our vehicle transport services are available anywhere in the area 24/7 so you can get back on the road sooner with professional repairs.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Common Roadside Issues

Accident Recovery

Let us get your vehicle off the road and into one of our service centers after an accident to give you peace of mind while you recover from what can be a traumatic event.

Lebanon Pennsylvania The Benefits Of Roadside Repair

Jump Starts

In extreme conditions and inclement weather, batteries can sometimes be drained of their charge. We can arrive onsite with the tools to get your vehicle and commute started right.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Drivers A Breakdown Doesnt Have To Be The End Of Your Trip

Flatbed Service

Not all vehicles can be towed with a standard tow assembly. We also have a fleet of flatbed trucks to enable us to service large trucks as well as exotic cars and specialty vehicles.

Reliable roadside repairs.
Lebanon Pennsylvania What Drivers Should Know After An Accident

Lockout Services

If your vehicle is inaccessible because of a broken, jammed or vandalized lock, we can help. Our repair and response vehicles are equipped with a full complement of lockout tools.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Drivers Learn More About Our Towing And Repair Services

Malfunctioning Starter/Jammed Ignition

If your car refuses to start again after a period of inactivity, a malfunctioning starter or jammed ignition may be the issue. We can repair or replace these components as well as creating new keys on the scene.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Auto Repair The Tools And Techniques Drivers Demand

Check Engine Light

A check engine light can indicate any number of issues in a vehicle, and when your car breaks down as a result you need answers fast. Let us inspect your vehicle onsite and repair any common breakdowns.

Lebanon Pennsylvania The Most Capable Repair Team

Erratic Operation

If your car is driving or handling in an irregular fashion, it can become dangerous to both you and other motorists. We can evaluate your vehicle and restore its smooth ride with onsite repairs.

Lebanon Pennsylvania The Big Difference In Roadside Repair

Accident Repair

If your vehicle has been in a serious accident, the first step to getting it back on the road is taking it to one of our service centers, and our tow fleet can transport your vehicle quickly and safely.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Dont End Up Stranded After A Breakdown On The Roads

Flood Recovery

If the internal components of your vehicle have been damaged by a major flood, we may be able to salvage it. These recovery operations are time sensitive, so call us as soon as you discover flood damage.

Our Lebanon Drivers

Lebanon Pennsylvania Can You Service My Vehicle Onsite


Head Driver

Fred has been leading here for 14 years, and under his guidance the company has nurtured solid relationships with car repair stations and body shops in Lebanon.

Lebanon Pennsylvania Stranded Far From Home Talk To Us For Onsite Assistance In And Around



Wayne is an integral part of our customer service team, and personally developed the guidelines of service that have given us a reputation as one of Lebanon's premier providers.

Lebanon Pennsylvania The Expert Tow And Repair Services Drivers Rely On


Dispatch - Coordinator

Billy manages the day-to-day operations here, and oversees our 24/7 repair and response team, ensuring a consistent quality of service every minute of the year.

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Information for Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Lebanon, city, seat (1813) of Lebanon county, southeastern Pennsylvania, U.S., in the Lebanon Valley, 23 miles (37 km) east of Harrisburg. Settled by immigrant Germans in the 1720s, it was laid out ( c.1750) by George Steitz and was first called Steitztown. Later it was renamed for the biblical Lebanon. Its location near the famous Cornwall ore mines and other mineral deposits led to its development before the American Revolution as an iron centre. Its growth was spurred by construction of the Union Canal (1827) and the Lebanon Valley Railroad (1857). Principal manufactures include hardwood lumber products, aluminum products, and processed foods. Lebanon Valley College (1866) is at Annville, 5 miles (8 km) west. Inc. borough, 1821; city, 1885. Pop. (2000) 24, 461; (2010) 25, 477.

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Towing operator is a welcome rescuer who lends his helping hand, when your vehicle broke down on a busy highway or met with serious accident. Thus, towing is an invaluable service and legitimate business that serves public genuinely. But there are some scam companies with unethical business practices and hidden charges, making you end up with a terrible towing experience. The supreme aim of this article is to educate you about the ways that help you protect yourself from such unscrupulous towing scams.
Bigger and bigger structures have already hit the road and it is no doubt that even bigger structures are yet to be engineered. The fact is that, as engineers come up with such creations, they also discover clever and powerful vehicles that will help to tow them. Each of them poses their own challenges, involving monumental weight and proportions. Let us see the bulkiest structures that are difficult to tow.

Some popular scams:

-- Most of the dishonest towing firm deal with crooked body shops and get paid for towing the damaged vehicle directly to their shop, instead of other legal vehicle repair shops that charge reasonably. This is one of the common scams that customer encounters often.

-- In some cases, the towing operators park your vehicle on a private property such as parking lot and never release it, unless you pay their inflating service charge. Parking violators more likely get caught into these scams.

-- Another tricky scam involves unauthorized persons with false company name and fake papers, who get you convinced with their glorifying speech for moving your vehicle to their spot for repair. Obviously, your car never returns.

Measures to be taken to get rid from towing scammers:

Check the credentials of the company:
It is much recommended to check your towing company's documents such as license, insurance papers and other paper works that ensure the credibility of the company.

Sign contract agreement:
To avoid ending up with hefty service charges, sign a contract agreement that include all the details such as number of operators required, type of towing vehicle required and total service cost etc. This way, you're less likely get scammed.

Avoid body shop referrals:
According to the municipal code, chapter 545, it is illegal for a towing company to refer any body shops or vehicle repair shops. Keep in mind, only creepy towers indulge in such activities. It is always advisable to get referrals only from friends and neighbors.

For assistance:
If you suspect your tower, never delay to contact the local authorities.

Final word:
More than anything, being well acquainted about towing scams helps you stay away from bandit tow operators.

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Automotive Answers When Drivers Need Them Most We Repair and Replace Ignitions onsite.


Drivers Call Now For 24 Hour Onsite Service We can make minor repairs onsite!


Friendly Roadside Assistance We Always Know the Fastest Route to You.


Professional Towing The most capable repair team.


We Can Make Minor Repairs Onsite Reliable roadside repairs.


A High Standard Of Service For Drivers Around the Clock Towing and Repair.


Common Roadside Issues Mobile automotive service workshops.


The Benefits Of Roadside Repair A trusted name in automotive repair services.


Drivers A Breakdown Doesnt Have To Be The End Of Your Trip Keeping Drivers on the Road.


What Drivers Should Know After An Accident Drivers: Your vehicle is in good hands with us.


Drivers Learn More About Our Towing And Repair Services Drivers: Our network of service centers is convenient to the entire region.


Auto Repair The Tools And Techniques Drivers Demand Residents: Let us fix your broken starter onsite.


The Most Capable Repair Team Need a flatbed tow truck? We have you covered!


The Big Difference In Roadside Repair On Demand Roadside Assistance for Stranded Drivers.


Dont End Up Stranded After A Breakdown On The Roads Unbeatable Prices on Towing and Repair for Drivers.


Can You Service My Vehicle Onsite Residents: Need Roadside Assistance Right Away?


Stranded Far From Home Talk To Us For Onsite Assistance In And Around 24/7 Roadside Assistance: There's never a right time for mechanical issues.


The Expert Tow And Repair Services Drivers Rely On Peace of Mind with On Demand Rescue and Repair.


Drivers We Can Reach Your Location Our prices on towing and repair services are consistently the best.


Affordable Onsite Tow And Repair Services Roadside Assistance.


Need Late Night Roadside Assistance Vehicle Transport.


The Roadside Resource We can move your vehicle to a service center in after an accident.


Drivers Every Second Counts In Roadside Response Maximum convenience with 24 Hour Repairs and Towing.


Drivers Let Us Give You A Ride To One Of Our Service Centers Drivers: Let us intervene on the interstate.


Servicing Stranded Drivers The most capable repair team.


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